How to Earn the Girl Scout Junior Musician Badge (Agent of Change)

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Updated February 2022

Music is an integral part of our lives. We can remember the songs of our youth, even if we have not heard them in years, and we are instantly transported back to that era. We wake up to music on our clock radios, listen to music in the car while traveling from one place to another, work out with our favorite tunes downloaded to our phones or devices, and have music playing in the background where we work and where we shop. Music sets the tone for what is happening in television shows we watch, as well as the films we view.

Yes, music is inescapable!

Both the girls and you are going to enjoy earning the Junior Girl Scout Musician Badge.

How to Earn the Girl Scout Junior Musician Badge

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Step 1 Explore How Music is Made

Here is a fun and easy guessing game that will have your girls “tuning in” to what they are about to do. Hand out each girl a piece of paper and a pencil and have them number them 1-20.  Then play this YouTube video and have them guess what instrument is being played. You can also ask them to describe how they are feeling when they hear each one.

The answers for this video can be found in the comments section on YouTube. Just click here and scroll down.

Step 2 Travel Around the World of Music

Listen to songs from other countries and ask the girls how the music is the same and different from what they listen to.

How to earn the Junior Girl Scout Musician badge=listen to songs from other countries

Step 3 Music Poll Badge Connection 

There are all kinds of music. Have the girls brainstorm different styles on a large sheet of paper. You may want to have some of your own ready to be played (jazz, hip hop, rock, folk, etc.) After the brainstorming session, go online and find examples of this music for the girls to listen to.

Step 4 Make Your Own Music

This part of the badge can go in one of two directions. First, you can have the girls make their own musical instrument. There are dozens of ideas on Pinterest for you to use.

The second way this part of the badge could work, and it could be combined with Step 5 Perform Your Music. Here is a YouTube video a Girl Scout troop did to parody a Taylor Swift song. Your girls may want to work as a group, and with your guidance, create their own parody from a popular song they all like.

Step 5 Perform Your Music

If the girls play an instrument and have performed in the school concert, that can count towards this part of the badge. You can also have the girls bring in their instrument and perform a song for the troop for this step.

How to Earn the Girl Scout Junior Musician Badge

Image created by the author in Canva

The Girl Scout Junior Musician badge is one that can be earned outdoors if your troop is unable to meet indoors.


  1. I can't seem to find the answers anywhere, help!

    1. To see the answers scroll down to the comments under the video.


  2. 1 (0:00 - 0:10) Saxophone
    2 (0:10 - 0:23) Piano
    3 (0:23 - 0:33) Flute
    4 (0:33 - 0:44) Harpsichord
    5 (0:44 - 0:55) Cello
    6 (0:55 - 1:08) Tuba
    7 (1:08 - 1:23) Viola
    8 (1:23 - 1:26) Cymbal
    9 (1:26 - 1:32) Triangle
    10 (1:32 - 1:47) French Horn
    11 (1:47 - 1:57) Organ
    12 (1:57 - 2:07) Guitar
    13 (2:07 - 2:20) Trumpet
    14 (2:20 - 2:34) Violin
    15 (2:34 - 2:45) Trombone
    16 (2:45 - 3:00) Oboe
    17 (3:00 - 3:10) Harp
    18 (3:10 - 3:22) Bassoon
    19 (3:22 - 3:32) Double bass
    20 (3:32 - 3:43) Clarinet

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