How to Earn the Junior Girl Scout Scribe Badge (Agent of Change)

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Updated August 2019

Writing is one of the most powerful ways to get your point across. A well written essay can persuade a person’s opinions; a novel can transform you into another era. Poetry can make you laugh, cry and think.

Because there is a lot of writing involved with this badge and some girls may be reticent to write due their interest or ability, you may want to consider doing this badge over two meetings to break it up. You can spend half of your meeting time working on this badge and then do a service project, play some Girl Scout games or do something else that works for your troop.

The girls can get very creative when it comes time to earn the Junior Girl Scout Scribe badge.

How to Earn the Junior Girl Scout Scribe Badge-complete meeting plans

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Step 1 Start With a Poem (See Step 3 if you wish to combine these two to save time)

Children love to read and write poetry. There are so many forms and more than likely, the girls have been exposed to several of them in school. To make this step fun, have the girls write short poems in either Haiku or Limerick form. Brainstorm a few topics-nothing is off limits as long as it is appropriate. 

Haiku is a Japanese poem that is written like this:

Line 1-5 syllables
Line 2-7 syllables
Line 3-5 syllables

This kind of poem is like a photograph-a snapshot of a moment in time.

Step 1 for the Junior Girl Scout Scribe badge-write a haiku.

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At the Kidzone website, there are printables for you to use with your girls if you wish. Find them here.

A limerick is a humorous poem that is meant to be silly. It has five lines and a rhyme scheme of a,a,b,b,a (lines 1, 2 and 5 rhyme and lines 3 and 4 rhyme).

This book of limericks for kids can help you with completing step 1 of the Junior Girl Scout Scribe badge.

Help the girls who need some assistance and then have the girls share what they wrote when they are done.

Step 2  Write a Short Story

As a teacher, I know that this step can take weeks of proper drafting and composing, and that is time you do not have. Instead, why not write a story based on an old game I used to play with my class. Instead of one girl starting the story and the next girl adding to it orally, write down each additional sentence. Have the girls share each line and see how long you can keep it going.

Step 3 Use Words to Share Who You Are

You can actually combine steps 1 and 3 for this if you have the girls write an Autobiographical Poem. Here is an example:

H-Happy to be with her family
A-Always willing to lend a hand
N-Not one to feel sorry for myself
N-Nothing can stop me
A-Amazing mother
H-Honest in her relationships

Your co-leader and you can have ones prepared about yourselves on a piece of paper to share. Assist the girls who have difficult letters in their names.

Step 4 Write an Article

Step 4 to earn the Junior Girl Scout Scribe badge-write an article.

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Break the girls into groups by randomly assigning them a number. They have to decide on a topic and then write a short article about it. Have them use things they already know, like what is happening at school or in Scouts, a favorite singer or band, or a movie or television program they have seen.

Step 5 Tell the World What You Think

It does not matter how old you are, everyone has an opinion on any given topic! Have the girls write a paragraph about a topic of their choice. Share when they are done.

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