How to Earn the Girl Scout Junior Detective Badge (Get Moving!)

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Mysteries have been popular with children since the days of The Hardy Boys ad Nancy Drew. Solving a mystery ties into so many real world problem solving skills for relationships and future jobs. This is a very hands on badge with lot son activity to keep the girls interested.

Here is how your troop can earn the Junior Girl Scout Detective badge.

How to Earn the Junior Girl Scout Detective Badge-Complete meeting plans

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Step 1 Practice the Power of Observation

With so many kids walking around with their heads down and looking at their phones, they miss a whole lot of the world going by. The power of observation helps the girls pick out the smallest details. A detective has to view the scene of a crime to find hidden clues that a criminal unintentionally left behind.

This is a fun activity that the girls can do in pairs or by themselves. There are many printables for finding what the difference is between two pictures. 

Step 2 Communicate in Code

Learn about Morse Code for Step 2 of the Junior Girl Scout Detective Badge

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Girls today may learn about computer coding, but do they know about Morse code and why it was invented? Give the girls a brief history lesson about it and then have them invent their own code in teams. They need 26 items to represent each letter of the alphabet. They code can be a mix of numbers, shapes and alternative letters or punctuation marks. Have them send a message to another group with a copy of their code so the others can decipher it.

Step 3 Fingerprint for Fun

No set of fingerprints are the same-not even with identical twins. You can have the girls make a fun art project for this step.


Use this book for Step 3 Fingerprint for Fun to earn the Junior Girl Scout Detective Badge

White paper

Have the girls create a picture from the Ed Eberly pages using their thumbprints or fingerprints.

The girls can compare how their prints differ from a friends.

For a troop project, have each girl make her name in fingerprint letters. Take a picture of her holding it for your Girl Scout scrapbook. 

Step 4 Try Out Detective Science

Graphology is the study of handwriting. Supposedly one can figure out someone’s personality traits based upon how s/he writes. Although not a proven since at all, it will be fun for the girls to try.

Have the girls write a sentence of your choosing in their regular handwriting. The have them write it again with their other hand. Then have them write it a third time, intentionally trying to change how they form their letters. Have another scout compare the three styles and see if they are consistent.

Step 5 Step 5 Follow the Clues to Solve a Real Mystery

Step 5 to Earn the Junior Girl Scout Detective Badge-Follow the Clues as a Team
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Before the meeting, wrap up a tree for each girl. Depending on how many groups you will divide the girls into, make one large box for each group that is wrapped and will contain the treat. Hide the boxes and write at least three clues for the girls to follow so that they find the box. Then they can eat the treat!

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