How to Earn the Girl Scout Junior Animal Habitats Badge (Amuse)

Updated August 2019

At this stage of their lives, many girls love animals. Whether they are indoor pets like dogs or cats or outdoor animals like horses, a love of four legged friends is a very common thing.

How to Earn the Junior Girl Scout Animal Habitats Badge

Photo from Pixabay

The Junior Girl Scouts Animal Habitats badge is not one that your troop can earn inside during a meeting. More than likely the children have covered this topic in school several times through the years, so those steps that lend itself to being indoors may seem a bit boring. The steps to earn this badge use words like “explore” and “investigate”, and these are active, outdoor words!

1. Find out about wild animals
2. Investigate an animal habitat
3. Create an animal house
4. Explore endangered habitats
5. Help protect animal habitats

This badge is perfect for a field trip. Many zoos, as well as nature centers and even some veterinary clinics offer Girl Scout badge programs. Contact those and plan for a fun, outdoor experience with your girls! If you cannot find a program in your community, why not ask for one to be created?

You may also want to contact a local birdwatchers club to guide your girls on a birdwatching hike.

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