How to Earn the Girl Scout Junior Customer Insights Badge

*Updated February 2022

Every child in your troop has been a customer at one time or another. Whether she bought a frozen treat from the ice cream truck or saved up her money to buy a special toy at a store, each Scout in your troop knows what it is like to be on the other side of a monetary exchange.

How to Earn the Girl Scout Junior Customer Insights Badge

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The Junior Customer Insights badge involves some work at home, but it is easy to do.

Step 1 Ask an Expert What Customers Want

If you know a person who is a female business owner, then invite her to come and speak to the girls. Before she comes, ask the girls to come up with one or two questions to ask her and email them to you so you have them in advance. You can see if there are any silly ones that should not be asked or one that is repeated several times.

You can also take a field trip to a business that is owned by a female (a dance studio, a bakery, or a small shop) and ask questions on site.

Step 2 Do Some Research at the Grocery Store

Girls can go to the grocery store for step two on the earning the Junior Girl Scout Customer Insights badge.

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Your girls are too old for a field trip to the grocery store, but they  can on on a trip with a parent see what captures their attention. They can take photos with a camera or phone to bring in and share and explain why they liked this display or logo or why they did not find one appealing,

Step 3 Find Out Who Buys Cookies and Why

Girls can survey family and friends to find out why they do and do not buy what they do. You can make your own handout using the questions from the Junior binder’s meeting plan.

Step 4 Learn From People Who Do Not Buy

This is the active part that happens while girls are doing booth sale. Make them aware of each customers reactions. If it is a slow time, then you can discuss it politely with them when no one is in earshot.

Step 5 Listen for Clues and Ask Great Questions

This part can be done before booth sales and door-to-door sales begin. Role play and have each girl take a turn being the seller and the buyer.


  1. Step 3 says to use the handout from the binders meeting plan- what binder?

    1. It's the Junior binder. Every leader needs the binder to help plan her meetings.