How to Earn the Girl Scout Junior Staying Fit Badge (Agent of Change)

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Updated February 2022

Unlike generations of the past, many of today’s youth are not in the best of shape. Years ago, children walked back and forth to school, regardless of the weather outside. After school, we jumped on our bikes, played ball on unorganized sports teams with our friends, and walked wherever we needed to be. For various reasons, kids today do not have the opportunity to do these activities that kept us outdoors and in better health.  

Kids today also spend way too much time on electronic devices that permit them to live a sedentary lifestyle. Computer games, texting endlessly to each other and even the overabundance of homework for older students create an environment that makes activity take a backseat.

Your troop can get active and earn the Junior Staying Fit Badge, which works alongside the Agent of Change Journey.

How to Earn the Girl Scout Junior Staying Fit Badge

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Step 1 Start Moving

Before you have this meeting, be sure to email the parents and let them know that their daughters need to come in with comfortable clothes and sneakers. You are going to exercise and wearing the wrong clothing will make the girls uncomfortable and could potentially cause an injury.

You can do any kind of movement for this part of the badge. For example, you can have all kinds of relay races, sports stations or do some old school aerobics. Put some fun Top 40 tunes on your phone and have the girls exercise to the beat.

Step 2 Get Fueled

After your exercise session, the girls will be thirsty and perhaps even a bit hungry. Offer them a smorgasbord of healthy foods-cut up fruit and vegetables, nuts (if there are no allergies). While they are eating, talk about why this food is perfect for staying fit and not a pastry or bag or chips or cookies.

Step 3 Learn How to Stress Less

In the old Junior Program, there was a badge called Stress Less. My troop earned it while they were in fourth grade, You can read Part One of what we did here and Part Two in this blog post.  It did take us two meetings to earn it, but if you want to use any of the ideas for this part of the badge, they are explained in full detail for you.

If you want to create something from the new program, then talk to the girls about journaling…writing down your feelings.

Have your girls crete their very own journal to help them earn the Junior Girl Scout Staying Fit badge.

Give each girl a spiral notebook and assorted stickers to decorate the front cover to make it her own.

How to Earn the Junior Staying Fit Badge (Agent of Change)

Step 4 Get the Truth About Health

While this step calls for yet another guest speaker, you do not have to do this. Kids have been learning about healthy habits while at home (we hope) and while at school. You can play a game instead.

In my fourth grade Hebrew School class, I save paper and get the kids moving by having them stand in one place and then move to the correct answer space. For example, if there are multiple choice questions, they move to a spot assigned to that letter. Movement can be a hop, a jump, or some other movement that is not running, as that causes accidents.

Here is a ready made questions for you to use.

Want more for the girls to do? Here are some fun Healthy Food Printables.

How to Earn the Girl Scout Junior Staying Fit Badge

Step 5 Help Your Family Stay Fit

This is an easy step to accomplish.Talk to the girls about different activities they can do with their families to stay healthy. Write them down and send it in an email to the parents.

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