How to Earn the Girl Scout Junior Geocacher Badge (Amuse)

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Updated February 2022

The definition of geocaching, according to this geocaching website devoted to it, is “... a real-world, outdoor treasure hunting game using GPS-enabled devices. Participants navigate to a specific set of GPS coordinates and then attempt to find the geocache (container) hidden at that location.”. 

Your girls have an opportunity to go outdoors and have a new adventure while earning the Girl Scout Junior Geocaching badge. This badge will require two meetings to earn if -one to learn the basics of geocaching and the other to actually do it! If you are lucky, your Councilman offer this as a badge earning event and your girls can earn it in one day.

How to Earn the Girl Scout Junior Geocacher Badge

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Step 1 Prepare for Your Adventure 

More than likely, your girls have not heard of geocaching before. Here is a short video that will describe, in a nutshell, what they are about to learn.


Next, introduce the terms they will encounter as they learn about it, such as FTF, waypoint, CITO, TFTC, terrain rating. You can find the definitions of these and more at the geocaching website.

For a game to help the girls remember some of the terms, write down some of the definitions on a piece of paper. Divide the girls into groups and read one term aloud. Have one girl write down what they all agree the answer should be. Then see if they are correct. Then do the next term. Some examples are:

  • GPS—global positioning system: the system of satellites and software that lets us find our position 
  • CITO—cache in trash out: leave no trash behind, and take as much of other people’s trash as we can 
  • FTF—first to find: no one has seen this cache besides the owner 
  • TNLN—took nothing left nothing: signed in logbook if you neither took nor left a trade item 
  • TFTC—thanks for the cache: signed in logbook as a thank you to the cache own

Step 2 Learn to Use a GPS Receiver

Divide the girls into teams. Hide different items and give them the coordinates to find them.

Step 3 Make a Trade Item

Use some of your leftover craft materials to make a Swap. Each girl can make one for her own collection and make one extra for the Geocache box. You may want to make something that has your troop numbers on it.

Step 4 Go on a Geocaching Adventure

This is the fun part-take your girls out for their hike! Don't forget the Swap you made to leave in the box.

Step 5 Take Part in a Bug’s Travels

Get your own travel bug and send it on its own adventure. 

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